DIY: Eyeglass Case Makeover


My eyeglass case had this awful dark blue color. One of the very few colors that i totally don't care for. Inspired by several pins ( this, this and this) i finally decided to give it a makeover with turquoise paint.

The case has a very strange surface; like a faux synthetic leather with a silky finish. And although i used a sponge, the first coat of paint did not turn out very well:

For the second coat, i dabbed the color with the tip of the sponge.

I really like that crumbly effect and the new color, but it looked a bit plain and i wasn't sure about what else to do with it. I could have covered it with fabric, lace or glitter, but i am not so much that girly type of woman. Moreover i did not want to copy the makeovers i had pinned, but rather come up with my own idea that is more "me".

"Me" means: simple, straightlined and stripes. I LOVE stripes! Not because they seem to be very trendy right now, but i have always loved them. We have striped pillow covers, striped rugs, bedding, tea towels, curtains, table runners, and striped whatnot. Even my wedding dress was striped!

So, i wanted stripes on my case, yellow stripes. Bright yellow duct tape stripes.
Affixing the tape was bit tricky because of the case's curved shape, and while writing this post i realize that i forgot to seal the paint with Crystal Clear Spray.

Anyhow, isn't the difference amazing?

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  1. Thanks for linking to Take-A-Look Tuesday over at Sugar Bee Crafts. You were featured today!

  2. What a fun idea! I bet it's easier to find in your handbag too. I'm sure that dark blue one would always get lost in there. I found you at Seven-Alive. :) Megan