DIY: Giant Papier-Maché Valentine's Heart

Valentine's Day. The air is filled with love and there are red and pink hearts everywhere.

I don't do much for Valentine's day and keep my decoration minimal and simple, just like last year, when i had the Valentine's Tree with tags from hand-made paper. This year i wanted to create something bigger, yet still unobtrusive colorwise.

I spent an entire day trying to get an idea, but nothing inspired me. Then, as soon as i laid down in bed in the evening, the visions started coming to my mind and within a minute i knew exactly what i wanted:
 a giant heart made from papier-maché.

On a sidenote: This happens to me quite often, i cannot think when i am sitting or walking, but as soon as i am cuddled up in my cozy bed in a horizontal position, my brain seems to be exploding with creative visions. And texts. Actually, the majority of my blog posts is "pre-written" mentally while i'm in bed. 
Is this normal? Does that happen to anyone else? If you are, or know, a brain specialist, please leave me a comment to explain the connection between lying down and the function of the creative part of a brain.

Back to the heart.
I already mentioned my love for stripes in my post about the eyeglass case makeover, and my latest obsession are black and white stripes. I want to paint our hallway like this one, or how about a bathroom like that one? And i really want this Oscar de la Renta gown. No idea when or where to i could wear it, but it is fabulous!

So, with this obsession, i knew my Valentine's heart should be black and white, with accents of gold in the form of stripes and my favorite love song titles.

You know i'm frugal, and i did not want to spend one single cent on this project. Now i had to find a way to create a mold or some kind of frame to construct the paper heart, with items i already had.

Cardboard and wire might have worked, but seemed to be too time-consuming. Instead, i ended up with plastic sacks, stuffed with towels and bedsheets. Tadaaaa, there is my heart-shaped base:

This was the biggest obstacle, the rest is easy peasy:
Old newspaper and grocery store ads, egg cartons and homemade glue ( a mixture of water, flour and sugar)

After a drying time of three full days, the papier-maché heart is ready for further processing- a generous coat of white paint.

For the stripes i used black masking tape and golden washi tape, and the song titles are written with an Edding.

Frankly, i am not 100% happy with the result.
My actual plan was to paint the stripes with black and gold acrylic paint, but when i made the first stripe i realized that this method would take too long, and i had only one day to finish the project. Tape was so much faster, but i really dislike how its glossy surface reflects the light.
God, i hate that my stupid day job regulates and limits my time for creative actions!

However, i like how the actual heart turned out ( though i wanted it to be a bit larger)

I spent the last 50 minutes redocorating our bedroom and this is what i came up with so far.

#1: On the dresser with a pink heart

#2: With these male and female sculptures

#3: With a golden sequin table runner

#4: On the radiator with the pink heart, the sculptures and a black paper flower

Now help me decide where to put this thing and let me know which option you think looks best.

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  1. I think it looks good!! And I really like that golden sequin table runner with it!

  2. that's pretty cool. I think it works well with the frames above...:)

  3. This is SO SO cute, I am pinning! Also, I am the same way, I get a ton of ideas at night and so I keep a notebook by the bed... but I still will get insomnia and want to work on it right away!
    Visiting from Tatertots N jello!

  4. I am creating a giant papier mache heart as well! It is in the works, and I was wondering if you did the back side. I have four days left to get it done and am wondering how on Earth I am going to paint both sides at the same time... Do you have any ideas of how I could prop it up?