Rotten Socks Halloween Poison Bottle

Before I could start this project, I had to reward myself with a bottle of ( more or less) good wine.

- empty wine bottle
- brown and black cardstock
- red, black and brown ink pad
- red, black and brown acylic paint
- black vinyl
- gauze
- greenery
- jute twine
- puffy sticker
- sissors
- water

Total time: 1 hour

Total costs: 0

1. At first i cleaned the bottle with hot water and dish soap and removed two out of three labels.
Then i carefully peeled off the top layer of the third label, but kept the remaining adhesive residue. With my fingernails, i carefully scratched along the edges to create a torn and aged look.

2. Then i added some brown ink.

3. Next, i cut a gift tag and a spider ( from this Halloween Bunting) with my Cameo.

I don't own any fancy and expensive distressing tools, but a kitchen towel and scissors create the same effect. Then i distressed the edges of the tag with brown, black and red ink to create a burnt look and added a bloody fingerprint.

4. The cork got the same treatment

5. I filled the bottle withwater and added black, brown and red acrylic paint.

6. Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake. Looks good already.

7. Next, i filled the bottle with gauze from an expired first aid kit, and dried greenery from my birthday rose.

8. You know my handwriting is awful, so i let my Cameo cut the words "rotten socks" and "Recipe" from black vinyl.

9. To make the spider look a bit more realistic, i bended its legs and used a puffy sticker to stick it to the tag.

10. Lastly, i distressed a piece of jute twine with my inkpads, wrapped it around the bottle and attached the tag.

And that's it!