Happy Sunday

Really, today is the last sunday in November? This is crazy! Time flies faster than you can say "time flies". MisterT and i caught an awful flu, and we're both coughing and sneezing and blowing our noses every other minute.

Let's see what else happend this month ( in a totally random order).

My favorite mail once a year: the Tiffany catalogue

Speaking of Tiffany:  it's our tradition to buy one new christmas ornament each year, and i would love to have this gorgeous candy cane

Photo by Tiffany & Co

But our budget said that spending 1,50€ is smarter than spending 50€, and so we bought this plastic candy cane instead:

I made pumpkin bread

And fell in love with the Keep Calm-o-Matic

This one is great, too ( not my creation though):

Homegrown carrots

The largest:

and the smallest:

Homegrown millet for the screechy birds


Starbucks pumpkin latte und muffin:

My new vintage plaid skirt

Stuart Weitzman liked my above photo on Instagram! Oh Stuart, i love you and your fabulous shoes!

Ljusskal Wild Fig scented candle. It came with a beautiful box and a silver tassel. Adorable!

Crazy glue pattern on my DIY headboard ( tutorial to follow)

The beautiful tree in front of our house

Tea, chocoalte gingerbread and the "Making" christmas issue.

And last but not least: my NYE cake topper in a magazine. Shoe stickers and a bridal bouquet will shortly be featured in magazines, too.

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  1. It's very hard to keep calm and kiss my husband. ;)
    Hope you're feeling bette!